About The School

All Started with a dream. A glorious vision to create an ambience conductive to create learning. An innovative direction towards providing Global education with its feet firmly grounded in the Indian culture. A humble Endeavour to touch the greatest heights of excellence in education of Kanpur. An Idea, a Vision, a dream to import quality education to children, and setting up of the School with kindergarten section, to senior secondary education.

School define a child’s first decision, the first feel of the sense of responsibility, the first achievements, the first failure and the first lesson of the preference at DIS with a motto of  “Facta Non Verba” (Deeds not words). We strive to make this journey of our children a valuable learning experience with dedicated work and confidence. We are continuously progressing with laurels and new feathers being added to our cap with every passing day and there is no looking back.

The philosophy of DIS encompasses,” How to care life skills. “In this 21’st century of brain shattering and spine-chilling issues. We teach our children to be responsible, diligent, have faith in their abilities and to follow their instincts so that they can produce extraordinary results in every field of their life and yet we teach them acceptance & humanity.

We teach them that it’s alright to fail at times in life – it’s determination to spring back that counts the most and perhaps this Philosophy makes our students standout in the plebeian. We at DIS promote an environment of robust cerebral drilling , incessant imagination, and discipline for this.

We have well trained teachers monitoring the students not just academically but also promoting them on righteous path of self development – making the students not just a person of profound knowledge but also quintessential values.

The teachers at DIS are trained to take care of their students in all endeavors. They impart educational lessons in congenial environment. The school prides itself on its teaching methodology which is a unique amalgamation of traditional classroom instructional method and technology. It is because of unique teaching methods and devotion of teachers that the school is touching zeniths in academics. Our children have proved themselves greatly in co-curricular activities and the school aims at teaching its students to strike the right balance in their life. Its national level debaters are topping in class 12th, excellent orators participating in inter school dance competition & winning and aspiring basketball, volleyball, chess & badminton. Stars scoring remarkably well in academics bear testimony to this fact.

Doon students are all-rounder and we are proud of them. Our vision after all it is to actualize a battalion of splendid students who carry forward the legacy & grandeur of the school in the form of deeds & achievements in their life.

Over the Years the school has established  as one of the finest in Kanpur, providing quality education through the latest advancement in educational aids & equipment & amenities. The School is one of its kind and proudly boost  first school in South Kanpur with the smart classes (Educomp). The classes are equipped with CCTV .These facilities increase efficiency to protecting children of tender age (Toddlers) with air conditioner class rooms & high standers in hygiene, safety & security.

Our school belives thats "actions speak louder than words"