Fee Payment

Fee must be paid by the 15th of April, July, October & January for the corresponding quarter in the bank. Defaulters after the 15th of the above months will pay a late fine Rs. 50/- per week or a part there of upto 30th of the next.
Pupils whose fees are three months in arrears will have their names struck off the rolls at the end of quarter.
Bank is not responsible for actual amount payable against the fees. In case of any doubt please consult the school office.
The security deposit refund is applied for within a period of 15 days from the date of WITHDRAWAL of the student from the school. Original receipt will have to be returned to the school.
Replacement charge for the lost fee book is Rs.50.
No reduction or remission of fee may be claimed on account of vacation, holidays or absence through illness or any other reason.
Parent must give one month notice in writing if they wish to withdraw their child/children or in lieu of notice, one Quarter fee must be paid. Fees for any quarter already paid will not be refunded.