The school provides facilities for adventure sports, Tai-kwan-do, skating, gymnastics, archery and instrumental music. This enable children to excel in their personality development. To infuse the spirit of competition amongst the children, the entire school from classes. To aware the students environment and society eco-club and Disaster management clubs are there which time to time organize rallies, camps and awareness campaigns. This inculcates leadership qualities in students.

Medical Checkup :

DIS Kanpur in association with Machere Health Services Pvt.Ltd. organizes medical check-up Camps in school premises two times in an Academic year. It is a complete medical check-up that keeps the record of:

Blood Group Drug Sensitivity
B.C.G.and D.P.T. HIB and POLIO
Measles Influenza
Chicken Pox Typhoid
Meningococcal (A & C) Pneunnococcal vaccine

Apart from these Immunization Record, we also perform routine Eye and Dental Check-up.


Library :

Have a rich collection of fascinating learning material in the stream of Science and Arts areas, in a range of layouts and functioning from a room, centrally positioned hall, managed as per the most up-to-date lines, furnished with designed furniture & fittings, the library provides the information requirements of its extremely serious students, by providing a comprehensive variety of volumes and journals.

Labs :

Science is different than other streams. It is dissimilar as the solutions to scientific queries are not available in a textbook or by thinking great and supercilious ideas. The basis of what scientists have faith in and the reason they trust is not the outcome of simple philosophy or reading in a textbook. The foundation of what scientists have faith in is the outcome of the cautious gathering and analysis of lab proof. At DIS Kanpur we focus the same and keeping that in mind we have set up fully equipped labs. We have Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Computer Lab & Maths Lab to provide the students with physical experience of the things they study in classrooms.


School is UNDER 24/7 SURVEILLANCE by means of 84 digital cameras. The cameras provide maximum level of security and vigilance of students and maintaining discipline.

Complete Power Backup :

We have our own go green silent production unit for an uninterrupted power supply. Its silent operation and low pollution exhaust lets student concentrate in complete peace.


Educomp :

Doon International School believes in keeping abreast with the Latest technology so that it may be effectively used in modernizing the concept of teaching in Classrooms. The Educomp Smart class Concept has been introduced at Doon International School, the school was pioneer in South Kanpur to install Educomp in a classroom for better understanding.

Smart Class is a digital initiative that will:
Improve Teacher effectiveness and Productivity.
Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.
Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.
Smart Class is a Comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting day to day Classroom challenges and enhance student’s performance with simple, Practical and meaningful use of technology.”