School Rules & Regulations

Every student must carry his school diary to school daily.
Students who come to school on their must reach school before the bell rings
The morning bell before class or assembly is the signal to go for class or assembly.
Students are required to be punctual to school,school gates will be closed at 7:45 am as per summer timings and 8:15 am in winter.
Student must come to school neatly dressed and in an orderly manner.
All boys(except sikhs) must trim hair shortly regularly.Girls must tie up their hair neatly with a black ribbon or black hair band.
Care must be taken of all school property No student should damage any school furniture,write or draw anything on walls recovery for any damage will be made from the concerned student.
No books(other than text books or library books),magazines,paper,cassettes,CD's Mobile phone etc should be brought to school.
Lending & Borrowing of articles (such as expensive pens,watches,jewellery etc)is not allowed ,as the school will not be responsible for goods lost.
The school reserves the right to suspend students whose progress is unsatisfactory,on account of lack of adequate attention or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
The students should get their report card signed by their parents and submit it to class teacher within three days of the recipt of the reportcard.
A child who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.
Regular late comers and uniform defaulters will be sent home.
Students are not allowed to make telephone calls from school office without prior permission and they will also not be allowed to attend calls during class.
A sick child should not be sent to school.In case of an emergency .the permission must carry a letter from the parents to take the child home.
All the students must speak English and are forbidden from using fifthy and derogated language in the school
No body as allowed to put mehandi.
Students who are absent from school for reason what so ever must bring an application signed by the parents/guadians (along with mediacal certificate where necessary).
The desirability of attendence is 90% failing which the student might not be allowed to appear for examinations.
All children who go by their own convenyance must collected promptly from the school after it gets over.The school will not be responsible for children once they are out of school campus.
No leave will be granted during test/exam days children who miss tests will be awarded zero.In case of genuine illness leave will be granted only when the child has been shown to the principal.No authorized friend or relative will be permitted to collect the child on their behalf.
If emergency arises at home during school hours a child will be permitted to leave school only with th parents.No unauthorized friend or relative will be permitted to cllect the child on their behalf.
Only parents are allowed to attend the PTA meetings.Tution Teacher & relatives will not b entertained by the teachers.