Career With Us

Students are encouraged to set career goals for themselves; to hone their learning and study skills as well as their interpersonal and leadership abilities. In the area of Career enhancement, students have opportunities to connect with mentors through our career counseling and life-skills programmes, run by qualified professional teams.

The school has trained professional equipped to support student’s academic achievement and social development needs. School counselors are committed to the students and parents with whom they work and recognize their responsibility for student’s welfare; we aspire to make a positive difference to a student’s quality of life.

Parents can utilize the school counselor to build tools together to help their child to achieve and perserver. By using this process, students would be able to better appreciate their self-worth and identity. The schools counselor supports your child’s academic, personal/social and college/career development needs.

A team of experts and trained counselors is available to advise the students.They conduct aptitude tests and interest tests. These help in the choice of subjects for further studies. These are followed up through classes 11th and 12th to help in the section of careers eventually.