Board Of Members

Mr. Surjeet Singh

Vice Chairman

Mr. Amarpreet Singh


Mr. Harshpreet Singh


Secondary & Senior Secondary (I to XII)

Doon International School (DIS) has always strived to diversity and reshape the path of education with the ever changing world. Our commitment to education today recognizes the necessity for thinking and acting from singuler to universal.

What is the true purpose of education?
What is the common goal for parents and us as educators?
Is it the style of building they enter or the substance and learning provided that makes the key impact on the child?
Parents making this important decision need to look inside the classroom for evidence of quality education for their child.

A child is a true creation from influences both of the home and the learning environment; teachers play a key role and so do parents. The world today is more competitive than ever bringing unpredictable challenges and new situations. Parents have a strong sense of responsibility in choosing a school to help prepare their child for unknown future. The evolving world dynamics have sought and forced changes upon us; thus at Doon International school we hold Precedence over the content and quality of teaching above all.

The Responsibility of school weighs more today as it is only institution where children spend the most impressionable 15 years of their lives. We at DIS realize this onerous responsibility and are fully geared in terms of comprehensive curriculum & effective pedagogy; updated technology and state of the art infrastructure; vibrant community-school interface and continuous international exposure to deliver the same.

The Diversity of options in our curriculum is complemented by a breadth of activities outside the classroom. Every Student finds exhaustive opportunities to participate in and contribute to a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our in-house curriculum at DIS includes the basic life skills, without which no meaningful life can be lived. Our clubs develop and hone diverse interests and skills. A plethora of our sports activities prepare students to use failures as stepping stones to success, and academics remains the backbone under able & continuously trained faculty.

Furthermore, DIS acknowledges our human obligation to cultivate a new generation that will take care of the environmental, Social, and economic challenges ahead. Linked with our commitment to global education is the vision to promote and inner-moral compass; this balance will enable them to take the helm and steer their way through human complexities, enabling them to exhibit goodness, honesty and compassion with confidence After all , Its learning that will impact and transform the future.

Although the world has been scarred by greed and selfishness but Doon international School we are out a forgotten age of innocence because we deal with young minds. We filled with hope that coming years will bring about a change in attitude and we shall fulfill our responsibility of carrying into each home the message of cheer and culture, of freedom and prosperity, of life and light. With a clear vision and steady steps, we shall march forward.